Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W., P.C.
Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W., P.C.

Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W.'s Training Materials

I have done cutting edge training in several areas:

· Physical Safety Training in Healthcare

· Pediatric Disaster Planning

· "The Defense of the Self"™ Workshop

Physical Safety Training


I have trained staff in hospitals (security and psychiatry) and in nursing homes on effective and humane physical safety techniques. These techniques do not cause injury to the patient or resident yet provide protection to the trained healthcare worker. Trainings can be arranged for your facility by calling me at 312 922 6823. Training videos and DVDs can be obtained from Terra Nova Films in Chicago. Can also be reached at http: On-line training can be found at


Pediatric Disaster Planning


This material is intended for those in government, first responders and hospital personnel who are concerned with disaster planning for children and adolescents.


Go to: to access materials.


"The Defense of the Self"™


This workshop offers training to psychotherapists on using and integrating movements culled from the martial arts to facilitate personal boundaries, supporting basic safety and non-anger based empowerment. The workshop can also be offered to the general public with modifications. Call 312 922 6823 for more information.

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