Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W., P.C.
Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W., P.C.

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If you and your partner are having difficulty I sincerely hope that you will avail yourselves of an evaluation with a professional.


Here are some of the most common problems that bring couples to seek counseling:


  • A feeling of distance or disconnection, e.g.: “We aren't close any more,” or “I don’t know my spouse anymore.”
  • If one or both members has a complaint about sex, e.g.: frequency, sexual satisfaction, etc., e.g.: “We hardly ever do it,” "I've lost interest" or “My spouse isn’t interested.”
  • Chronic Fighting
  • Parenting disagreements and stresses, e.g.: discipline, limit setting, children getting “in trouble,” etc.
  • Chronic Financial disagreements
  • One or both people are having a problem with an addictive disorder: alcohol, non-prescription or prescription drug abuse, eating, gambling, work, sex,  computer/screen time, etc.
  • A member of the couple or family has chronic health problems.
  • Depression or Shame: feeling down, low energy, excessive or poor sleep, not caring, crying, appetite changes, difficulty concentrating, loss of interests in pursuits, self harming thoughts.
  • Anxiety that interferes with functioning: e.g.: work, travel, any separation from home or familiarity, etc.
  • Infidelity
  • Infertility

When a couple comes in for the first time, I begin by getting a feel for the reasons they are seeking help. If it looks like my services could be useful, the next step is to do an in-depth assessment which covers the couple’s history as well as each person’s background. This requires a few sessions.


By the time we conclude the assessment we have a shared understanding of the issues that brought the couple to seek counseling as well as a working understanding of the history that led up to those issues.


From this understanding we formulate the goals for counseling – if that is indicated and desired.


A further benefit of this process is that we get to know each other before the counseling actually begins. We embark on counseling only if there is a “good fit” between us.


I have a wealth of training and experience working with couples. In the past, I have taught graduate level coursework on the treatment of couples. I have a very pragmatic approach to counseling – fitting my interventions to the issues and the couple’s goals.


My offices are in Chicago and Skokie, IL. If you are in the Chicago metro area and wish to discuss setting up an evaluation, do ring me up. 


312 922 6823

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