Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W., P.C.
Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W., P.C.

Peter Sternberg, L.C.S.W.'s Educational Services

If your teen or youngster is having difficulties with the academic, physical or social demands of school, (s)he may benefit from an educational assessment.  An educational assessment provides a comprehensive look at how your child experiences and responds to the various demands of the school experience.  

Often children are rapidly "diagnosed" with disorders such as ADD or unspecified learning disabilities without a thorough assessment.  Those children are often prescribed medications designed to help them be more compliant in the classroom.  

One of the things that careful assessment can provide is targeted and practical intervention that maximize your child's strengths as a way of compensating for areas of difficulty.

Another aspect of this approach is that parents are counseled on ways to engage the school to help implement a corrective plan for the child.  I am also available to function as an advocate with the school if needed.  Please call 312 922 6823 for more information. 
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