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Counseling for: 

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Educational Assessment and Consultation





  •     Physical Safety in Healthcare
  •     Pediatric Disaster Planning

If you are reading this you’ve probably been looking at sites that have to do with counseling, therapy or coaching services. It can be quite a challenge to think about approaching a total stranger to talk about intensely personal things. People commonly have reservations like these:


  • Do my concerns or problems really require counseling or coaching?
  • If I start, how long will it a take to finish?
  • My family or friends or coworkers would tease me or think less of me if they found  out.
  • Can counseling or coaching wreck my career?
  • How expensive is it? Can I afford it?
  • How do I know if a counselor or coach is any good?
  • What if there is something I’m too embarrassed to talk about?
  • What do say when I call for an appointment?
  • My issue is with my spouse or child and they would never agree to go with me to a counseling appointment.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in practice for over 35 years doing counseling with adults, couples, adolescents and children. I also  teach, train and coach. I know well the hesitations, concerns and obstacles people face when it comes to reaching out for help. Even though our culture still has a very private, “pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps” attitude about solving personal problems or self improvement, it can actually be a great relief to get objective input about your situation.

I have a pragmatic approach to counseling: I match my input with the counseling goals. For example, sometimes people need education about a problem area or coaching to get over a particular hurdle. Sometimes people need more quiet understanding and support while they go through a process. I feel a deep sense of responsibility and honor when I am entrusted with a client’s desire to improve her or his life.


In addition to my counseling practice I have been involved in developing cutting edge protocols and training in the areas of:

  • Physical Safety in Healthcare
  • Pediatric Disaster Planning and
  • Incorporating movement exercises from martial arts into the counseling process.

Please explore the website for more detailed descriptions & links to resources.


My goal is to create an environment where you feel treated with the utmost respect and compassion while receiving honest and direct observation and feedback from me. My purpose is to help you see yourself in fresh and undistorted ways. My presence and support facilitate the changes that flow from growth and understanding.


My offices are in Chicago and Skokie, IL. If you are in the Chicago metro area and wish to discuss setting up an evaluation, do ring me up. If you live outside of the Chicago metro area, my consultation and coaching services are available to you via phone and videoconferencing.

53 W. Jackson, Rm 1111, Chicago, IL 60604


4711 W. Golf Rd, Suite 1200, Skokie, IL  60076


312 922 6823

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